3 Main Marketing Don’ts

If we attempt to define marketing strategy in simple terms, what could we say? In essence, it is the game plan for your business with the main goal of turning potential consumers into your reliable customers. Every strategy is unique, as it should be, since businesses differ. At the same time, your strategy could still cross some basic lines of do’s and don’ts, which have little or nothing to do with uniqueness. So, what are the marketing taboos?

DON’T send mixed messages

The crucial part of your marketing is the message you send to people. Companies often confuse their target audience by delivering different meanings on different platforms. It is vital to make sure that you message is unified and understandable. Companies like Amazon and Google never send more than one key message, because they have one purpose.

DON’T underestimate your competitors

The only sure way to stand out among your opponents is to learn who they are in the first place. How can you improve your product and its marketing, if you don’t have the faintest idea of trends and leaders in your niche?

Besides, never forget the prominent book “The Art of War” and ideas of its author Sun Tzu. “To know your enemy, you must become your enemy” is very much applicable to marketing strategies. You don’t need to perceive your opponents as enemies, of course, but the gist remains – get to know them and never underestimate them.

Analyze the competition and what other business have to offer. Consequently, you can benefit from weakness of your competitor’s marketing strategy and learn from its strong sides. Never forget to research the channels they use, their campaigns, types of online advertising and social networks.

DON’T forget about feedback

The third taboo is potentially the worst one – ignoring your customers. Don’t rely on automation and pay attention to the personal approach. It is always easier to send a link to your website with all the information as a response to a common question. What people really appreciate though is you devoting the time to reply personally, even if the question is self-explanatory sometimes. Your brand desperately needs to be personal, as long as you sell to real humans out there.

Proper interaction is key, especially when it comes to negative comments. If you ignore them, it doesn’t do your business any good. Take the bad remarks into consideration and solve the problem if possible. In case the criticism is destructive – keep calm and be polite. Perhaps, your humane response will change the mind of an angry follower.

All in all, it is up to you to decide what works best for your product or company. But why should you bother to make mistakes, if you could omit them in the first place?

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