Is the future of marketing doomed?

The hottest topic nowadays is probably the Artificial Intelligence and the effects it may have on professional sphere. Everyone dutifully worries that their job is at stake – especially those involved in digital sectors. It is entirely correct that AI has altered numerous aspects of the digital universe. But is the backlash against it reasonable?

Throughout its existence, the marketing scene has already seen countless shifts. The computer invention and subsequent Internet boom used to be main culprits of scary articles. Self-titled experts considered it to be the doomsday – yet it wasn’t.

The dread of Artificial Intelligence is no news, since we are inherently afraid of any change. Henry Ford once said: “If I had asked the people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”. But what if we changed the fearful mindset and saw it as a field of endless opportunities? It is not necessarily old jobs lost – it is new jobs invented. A taxi driver once used to be a horse-carriage driver and the fax wizard could be a new messenger app manager. Therefore, AI does not equal collapse of the marketing, it delivers ultra-modern possibilities into the sphere.

Not different from other tech revolutions, Artificial Intelligence is bound to demand constant relearning and new skills. In exchange for that, marketers will benefit from it greatly. Not only can they use AI for collecting and analyzing even bigger amounts of data, but also it helps apply this data to business cases more effectively. It may deepen the researches; hence, you can have better understanding of consumers and their behavior. Nonetheless, such usage of AI needs people to interpret and adapt it to the context.

Moreover, Artificial Intelligence will be beneficial in the data gathering and analytics, as it gives markers time to focus on other tasks, sales and conversion included.

The automation of advertisements stopped being a trend and is becoming the new norm with the help of such platforms as Facebook or Google Ads. AI is particularly strong when it comes to data collection, analytics and targeting, so it certainly comes in handy here. Whereas it saves the companies thousands of euros a year in terms of workforce, it creates job offers, too. Such software needs people adept at writing, design and monitoring the ad itself. In the long run, the performance of marketers is increased, if they keep up with modern demands of the market.

Overall, if you are a genuine digital professional, there is no need for fear. Automation should not be seen as an archenemy, for it is more advantageous in essence. The right approach is loud and clear – you should always be up to date, if not up to the minute. Technology is evolving as we speak, so it is in your best interests to evolve with it.

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