My name is Marvin Steinberg and here is my story

Once an aspiring sportsman, Marvin Steinberg unexpectedly suffered a knee injury, which put his Ping Pong career to an end. Nonetheless, story of Steinberg is now an official biography of a famous businessman – even though he started his way by accident. Marvin entered a competitive energy sector with his startup and shortly after turned into a prominent German entrepreneur.
Being highly innovative, Marvin recognized the potential success of online customer engagement. Steinberg reshaped German energy industry drastically by using online marketing strategies, which has never been done before. One of his many accomplishments is that he created an exceedingly effective salesforce – his very own “digital affiliate army”. Together they produced more than 5000 new contacts monthly and millions of dollars’ worth of extra profit.
Later, Marvin founded a distribution company “db swpro” and was also involved in the “db swdirekt”, the energy supplier. When his company quickly became sustainable, he successfully sold it to an American multinational in order to seek new challenges.
Soon Steinberg co-founded CPI Technologies, one of the most significant STO providers worldwide. With his strong belief that STOs are the future, Marvin Steinberg helps numerous companies launch token offerings as a reliable and dependable fundraising method.
That’s the short version of official biography by me. I hope you will not give up if hard times come your way, but instead you will use it for opportunity to gain new knowledge and get stronger. I am gladly sharing my experience to make your way easier on becoming famous businessmen or businesswomen.

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