Marvin Steinberg’s Advice to New Entrepreneurs

Nowadays, you can read success stories all over the internet. And more often than not, they really seem to be resonating with aspiring professionals. What they miss out on sometimes are precious tips from those who truly made it. Yes, you can learn about one individual’s businessman’s career path step by step. You can go to the same college, and you can apply for a job in the same company than he did. Unfortunately, it won’t do a thing.

It’s also not sharing the same interests or having similar backgrounds. I reckon that it all comes down to some hard truths that we have to learn on our way to success. If you want to demystify one entrepreneur’s path to success, you need to look out for the immaterial lessons that truly made them who they are.

Some may call it a school of life; I call it “entrepreneurial reality”. You don’t achieve your goals unless you pave your way through mistakes and obstacles. No professor in any MBA program will teach you in the same way that real life will provide you with some hard truths. They are inevitable for you to face some day.

First of all, you should never wait for permission. Some people spend years waiting for “a better time”. Let me tell you something – there is no such thing as the right time. When you wait for a risk to dissolve, another one will turn up in return. If you expect fate to give you a sign, it’s time to forget about your enterprise altogether.

Real entrepreneurs take action without hesitation. Regardless of how the stars align. Therefore, remember that you never need a permission to make decisions about your own company. And if you do feel that way, maybe it shouldn’t be yours alone.

Second crucial thing – copying others is not a strategy. Why would you want to be some other entrepreneur’s clone?

Of course, it appears as a much easier way. However, you will never know, whether it is truly your success. By following somebody else’s footsteps, you will always be behind that person, waiting for their next step.

A wise entrepreneur aspires to be unique and irreplaceable. Instead of being a follower, they become a trendsetter themselves! I believe that your company has to stand out amongst others.

Finally yet importantly, limit the amount of time you say “yes”. Sure, it is vital to stay open-minded to new ideas. But when it comes to random requests or giving out loans, don’t forget about common sense. The need to please your colleagues or clients will never get you ahead. It might feel rewarding at first but in excess it definitely is not healthy.

The same goes for the value of time. By agreeing to participate in every single venture, you won’t concentrate on your most important tasks.

Instead of rushing to say “yes”, try to evaluate whether it disrupts your current plans or goes against your principles. Sometimes it is better to say “no” before even taking the time to evaluate the request. If you aim for entrepreneurial success, put your startup’s needs first. Only then will it grow at the pace you need.

These business life lessons should always be at the forefront of your mind. Even while making critical decisions, stay calm and remember my advice. This way, taking immediate action will never be easier.

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