Why Marketing Isn’t for Everyone

Over the recent years, online marketing has become the new buzzword. Your friends are doing it, your neighbor’s children want to be doing it, and you can’t help but consider doing it yourself. Being an online marketer is portrayed as a highly lucrative and relatively easy job. Therefore, we need to ask a question: why isn’t everyone doing it?

In my opinion, the answer lies in the glorification of the job itself. It seems as if there is a plethora of effective tactics available to all of us. When looking at it in reality marketing isn’t shiny at all. You may think that it doesn’t require much knowledge in numerous fields to create a winning campaign. That’s an example where many people make a fatal mistake: instead of trusting professionals, they decide to promote their product by themselves.

The story is usually the same. You nitpick about copywriting and you seem to know your audience like family. As you launch your product, you start overfilling all platforms with information about it. The more, the merrier? Yeah right.

Unfortunately, marketing strategies aren’t as simple as it looks. You try following the rulebook where you shouldn’t have played safe. As a matter of fact, proven tactics are standard. They go unnoticed even during “prime-time” of your target audience. Today people are exposed to online marketing 24/7. They have become blind to traditional marketing just as they once became deaf to TV advertisements. Don’t you think it’s time for something truly catchy, unique and provocative?

In Steinberg Marketing we firmly believe in being pioneers wherever we can. Doing what no one has done before. Our next-generation strategies are a perfect fit for every ambitious company. Although, if you are afraid of explosive growth, we might not be a fit.

Steinberg Marketing team understands that it is hard to trust others with your beloved brainchild – your startup. We assure you that we aren’t like other agencies who over-promise, but under-deliver. Our main focus is a practical and data-driven strategy with a clear ROI. We live up to our fame, considering that portals like Forbes and Entrepreneur have featured our success.

Instead of spending sleepless nights googling hot trends in online marketing, rely on Steinberg Marketing to get the job done in no time. You may find the definition of PPC and funny SMM cases, but will it really help your brand evolve? After all, you know in your own heart what choice will be best.

Last but not least, taking risks can sometimes get you results in fact. If you are still contemplating on making a move into the marketing world with no experience, you can go for it. Just not with your company’s future at stake.

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